General Terms And Conditions Of Cooperation


§1. General Terms And Conditions

  1. team realizes work submitted by customers with the highest level of diligence in order to ensure satisfaction from cooperation for both sides.
  2. By placing an order, Customer confirms that he is acquainted with these General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter the “GTC”) and accepts all rules specified by them.
  3. Totem may use products for marketing purposes unless Customer stipulates in writing while making an order, that he doesn’t agree with this term.
  4. Individual Agreement between Totem and Customer may change the General Terms.
  5. Totem has right to refuse to realize works of the unlawful nature (its content is: against the international or polish law; erotic, racist, fascist, communist and nazist, violence propagating, summoning to religious/racial/denominational or violating the rights of others).

§2. The Order

  1. The customer submits an order in writing (Totem Print Online Service/mail/The Letter).
  2. Order has to contain set of information needed to realize work (size in millimeters/volume/colors/species and weight of materials/type of binding and finishing(improvement)/price/order realization date).
  3. Confirmation of order acceptance for processing given by Totem necessary to process an order. Totem confirms an order in writing, by email (confirmation of price/order completion date/terms of delivery).
  4. Order that doesn’t contain all required informations cannot be accepted to realization by Totem.
  5. Totem reports all possible discrepancies between order and offer between order and offer and doesn’t accept to realize orders that are inconsistent with an offer.

§3. Files

  1. Customer provides all required materials in an electronic form.
  2. "Guidelines for preparing files for digital printing” describes how to prepare materials.
  3. Customer sends files using the Internet. If he uses Totem Print Online, file transfer is made by its interface.
  4. Totem is not responsible for any errors related to the incorrect files preparation.
  5. In case of error detection, Totem informs Customer without the delay about this fact in order to find a solution.


§4. Realization dates

  1. Realization date is given in working days counted from the moment of materials needed for printing delivery.
  2. Totem doesn’t guarantee constant dates for particular forms of services, it depends on current production occupancy.
  3. Totem cannot be held responsible for any delays in realization that are a result of reasons beyond the control of Totem.
  4. In case of delay, Totem informs Customer about this fact not later than at the day of planned realization.

§5. Deliveries

  1. Totem realizes deliveries of ordered products by own-account transport and via courier companies.
  2. Totem is not responsible for delays in deliveries that are results of reasons associated with courier companies work.
  3. Customer is obligated to check the delivery for any signs of potential, visible damages of packages.
  4. In case of damaged package, Customer is obliged to fill damage report and to make photographic documentation in the presence of the deliverer.
  5. In the absence of damage protocol in delivery, complaint will not be consider.

§6. Complaints

  1. Complaints must be submitted in writing (email).
  2. Quantitative complaints must be submitted not later than 7 days from the date of order delivery and quality complaints not later than 30 days after order delivery.
  3. Return of faulty product is made at Totem’s expense and from the place where it was delivered before. Return of faulty product is a condition for considering a complaint as valid.
  4. Validity of submitted complaint is considered in 7 days, counted from the day of complaint submission or volume return.
  5. Conditions of granting and considering complaints are defined by the paper: "Basic Quality Standards".

§7. Payments

  1. 100% prepay or cash payment on delivery are basic forms of billing.
  2. Customer may apply for a trade credit.
  3. In case of fulfilment of criteria, terms of payment and amount of trade credit will be specified in separate document.
  4. Realization of orders that exceed amount of trade credit will be done on the basis of general terms (§ 7, pkt. 1).
  5. Customer is obliged to settle all liabilities towards Totem in a timely manner.
  6. Totem may refuse to accept the order, to realize accepted order or may hold the delivery of realized work if Customer has outstanding, requested financial liabilities towards Totem.
  7. In the above case, Customer is not entitled to any claims towards Totem, which does not assume any responsibility for damages related to refusal to realize an order and holding back the delivery.