Privacy Policy

Privacy policy discussed below (hereinafter the Policy) applies to the website (hereinafter the Website) owned by Sp. z o.o. Sp.K., limited liability and limited partnership company. Before using this Website You should be acquainted with existing rules of Policy. If You don’t agree with them, please don’t use the Website. By using its content, You accept all conditions stated below.

Processing of personal datas Sp. z.o.o. Sp.K. (hereinafter is obliged to protect the privacy of Website’s visitors. may provide informations to professional subjects in the form of summary statistics and informations about Customers, sale, access procedures or other datas, however, they will not include personal datas.

Personal Datas

Responding to Your questions and realizing orders may involve the usage of personal datas like Your surname, email address or phone number. may contact with You and ask for additional informations essential for order realization. However, apart incidents with authorities interference, company will not share this datas to the third party without Your permission, unless it is necessary to realize Your order. Regardless of personal datas provided to us by You, we can use technologies on this Website that will allow us to collect technical informations like Your email address, operating system used by You, the type of Your web browser, visiting frequency.

Safety has taken all possible actions to make the access to Customers datas difficult for a third party and minimise a risk of inappropriate use of them.

Website’s visitors identification may implement datas to computer that is connected to the Website, through which it will be possible to identify user of the machine. This informations are commonly known as “cookies”. Thanks to them can find out how and when visitors use the Website. Using of “cookies” is a standard applied by many other websites. “Cookies” are stored on Your computer. If You don’t want to receive “cookies”, please configure Your browser properly.